feature film «INTERCEPTOR»


This is a good action packed science fiction movie, directed by Konstantin Maximov. Working at visual effects for this film, we’ve faced a rally interesting tasks. In all we worked at 80 shots, mainly we did 4 types of the visual effects:
  1. Character animation: in Studio was made a big scene with a huge fairy 3D lion. We’ve created a character “White lion” with the mane of feathers and the muzzle alike a human face. The difficulty of the task consisted in the micro movements, which should express the plastic of this graceful animal. To overcome it, we prepared the rig, thanks to which we were able to recreate muscle’s movements and simulate the animal skin. For sure, working at the lion we used the references of the real animals, especially useful for us became the references with the slow-motion lions.

  1. Making of backgrounds: we worked at the shots taken on chromo key. Mainly, we created two tapes of backdrops. It was photorealistic matte paint backdrops and backdrops made in fantasy aesthetics.
  2. Animation of fantastic machines and technical equipment: for example, the Studio worked at the shot of the helicopters crush.
  3. Particle effects: this time it was especially interesting for us. For one of the scenes we needed to invent a teleporting gate, trough which characters come to another world. To make unusual this rather ordinary for the science fiction element, we wrote a special plug-in generating thousand of particles, formed energy field. Because in the work at these shots attended a long creative search, this way we saved a lot of time generating new and new versions.

Production period: 4 month
Film director: Konstantin Maximov
Cinematography: Ulugbeck Khamraev, Yelena Ivanova
Asymmetric VFX Studio team:
VFX supervisor: Victor Luckysov
VFX coordinator: Julia Makarchenko
CG supervisor: Vladimir Iustinov, Kiril Skaletski
Lighting TD: Alexey Mazurenko
Composing: Anna Yakovleva, Sergey Klyachkin