feature film «We are from the future -2»


We have done a great job for this feature film! It was a 240 VFX shots full of explosions, gunshots, dust, smoke and etc.
“We are from the future 2” is a war drama with the elements of the science fiction, became for us a project with a range of different tasks. Totally there are about 240 shots: we worked at the changes of the speed, corrected the weather and the atmosphere in the frame, somewhere added military equipment, like airplanes and tanks. Sometimes we needed just to rub something or add small details, like clouds or smoke. Some shots wasn’t taken at all, and we recreated them in the studio from zero.

Nevertheless, the results of our work are almost invisible in the film. Only the effects, which were made for a science fiction genre, are striking. Because “We are from the future 2” is not only about the war, but also contains fiction elements: characters found themselves in the future, passed there most of the screen time and, finally, came back to nowadays. Obviously, we need to represent the entrance to the future through some unusual visual effect. Oleg Pogodin, which was a shooting director, invented an interesting trick: the bomb suddenly explodes near the characters, the fire takes them up, and when the time stops, camera starts to move through the motionless fire. This long and complicated shot was in production during all two and a half month, simultaneously with all other effects for the film. This “frozen” fire became a new qualitative level for our studio, that’s why working at these effects we’ve picked up a lot of new information and skills.

Film’s  producers did very competently, when invited VFX supervisor to the shooting, but not only for the post production (these cases are still in common, unfortunately). At the project we always felt a professional trust. That’s way, we were able to do many things at our own discretion. For example, we added several thousand bullet marks, ground explosions, dust and blood. At the shooting pyrotechnics specialists usually prepare many of the explosive “planting” for the places, which will be hit by the bullets. Anyway, we added lots of these effects at the post production, mainly because of the two reasons. First off all, at the shooting it takes too much time, and the sun sometimes disappear from the sky too fast. Secondly, not always is possible to predict and calculate all this points at the shooting. As a result, our supervisor was looking trough the frames and detected himself the rest of it. We’ve received lots of helpful advices from the stunt coordinator,  Alexander Samohvalov. It favored the effects production, and all job was done in two month and a half.

VFX production period: 2,5 month
Production company: A — 1 Kino Video
Film producer: Ludmila Kukoba
Visual Effects Supervisor: Victor Luckysov
Visual Effects Coordinator: Julia Makarchenko
CG Supervisor: Vladimir Iustinov