DINO — Cosmos


“Dino — Cosmos” is a well thought-out and well done spot, probably, with one of the cutest characters in the range of all Russian 3D commercials in 2009.

Practically, we made a nice short cartoon. In theory, if the company would like to have 100 of these kinds of reels, finally we can get a full-length animation film, when we paste together all the parts.

We started to work at it so properly: detailed sketches, light schemes, colours. Everything has been specially discussed and approved.  Final picture were made according to the sketches almost identically. It’s so pleasant for us to see the artist’s idea and be able to realize it in 3D.

Everything was the way it should be: after sketches had been approved, we started character’s “modeling and painting”. Obviously, we were modeling in 3D programs, but in the reality of the future film is also possible a literal modeling of the characters.
3D Character Dino has been existed for several years, but in this work we created a new model, as Dino has grown, became elder and as a result had some effects on his appearance. The model made by our studio was accepted as a basic among Young & Rubicam network around the world.
Besides Dino itself we’ve created lots of other 3D characters (childrens, aliens, villain, Zlyuka) and 3D objects (Zlyukolet, planets).


Simultaneously with the modeling we worked at the preliminary animation and camera settings in 3D space.

Production period: 2 month
Client: Groupe Danone
Agency: Young & Rubicam
TVC Director: Victor Luckysov
Line Producer: Inga Aslambekova
CG Supervisor: Kir Skaletski
Character animator: Tatyana Mikhina
Lighter: Pavel Smirnov
Compositor: Anna Yakovleva
Modeler: Kirill Soltus