Commercials and feature films editing is one of the post production services, provided by Asymmetric VFX. By now at the Studio we made editing of such commercials like Coca-Cola “Football”, MTC “F1”, Vestel “Goalkeeper” and etc.
As well, in A-VFX Studio took place editting period of the number of feature films, among them are:
  • «Real Fairy Tale» — 2011 year, fantasy/family, dir. A.Marmontov, producers S.Bezrukov, E.Ulushkin (original title «Реальная Сказка»)
  • «Best Movie 3D» (the first russian true 3D/stereoscopic full length film) – 2011 year, comedy/parodie, dir. K. Kuzin (original title «Самый лучший фильм 3-Дэ») 
  • «Yellow In The City» – in production, comedy/sci-fi, director V.Zayki (original title «Желтый в городе»)
  • «Wild Happiness» — drama, dir. A.Marmontov, producers S.Bezrukov, E.Ulushkin (original title «Дикое счастье»)
  • «Be a True Wife» — 2011 year, tv series, dir. S.Demina (original title «Буду верной женой»)
Editing for us is a promising and extremely interesting area, therefore we carefully approached to organization and run of this service.
Asymmetric Studio disposes of two light- and soundproof rooms with the area of 30 square meters per each room for the implementation of creative tasks of any level of difficulty. Lots of air and lack of sound and light’s interferences produce truly comfortable conditions for work at the material.
Besides, all rooms are equipped with Full HD Infocus projectors. As we consider, that conditions of viewing, close to movie theater, give incomparably more means to evaluate the material than a view at the ordinary screen.
The editing is carried out at the Avid Media Composer with the I/O device Avid Mojo SDI, for video control we use professional monitors TVLogic. High-powered server room gives possibility to work with large information content (capacity of the disc is about 80 terabytes), what means that all material got after the shooting will be always in an interactive access.
No less important is a fact that, the editing will take place literally next door to the VFX Studio. So, it really saves producers time, and gives a freedom of making over patching for the director during all post production period.
Creating really comfortable conditions, we didn’t forget about the details: we have comfortable lounge to recover forces and reconsider the work has been done, as well there is cafeteria nearby.