TVC «Dino seeds»


New TVC «Dino. The seeds», 30 seconds

In 2012 once again we set a task for ourselves to improve the appearance and expression of the main character to a new quality level.

First of all, we completely redesigned the character’s rig. The task that faced us was to make Dino more flexible and expressive, looking closer to Pixar (Disney) animation characters. To achive this aim we worked more focused in particular speciality: the animators made just animation, and Technical Director (Animation TD) was responsable for a technical structure and the skeleton (rig). So the animation for the character Dino was made by two animators and one technical director. Autodesk Softimage XSI program was used for setting up the skeleton and animation.
Thus, animated character Dino became more professional from the point of view of Animation Supervisor. That has allowed the Director to put more difficult challenges to the virtual actor. In fact, the Director set task to animator informing about each frame orally and in written form.

 Further,  renders developed a new vizualization system of computer surface (shader), due to that even cartoonish character looks alive and realistic in a shot. Two render artists worked on TVC using  Pixar Renderman program.

The commercial consists of 13 shots, Dino acts in 10 of them. Besides Dino, the TVC is full of supporting characters as four vegatables and twins — blue Cornflowers, which all in all took more efforts in production away than the main character.

Dill’s and Carrot’s growing was made with the help of programmer, all the small branches and leaves were generated automatically. To accomplish this, firstly Technical Director (Animation TD) had to make animation system to control Dill’s and Carrot’s skeleton. And then animator made movements of «rope» skeleton and only after that this was going to work to programmer who made filling with leaves and small branches. The Director paid attention to the supporting characters not less than to the main character.
 A sketch of Tomato

3D visualization of Tomato

A sketch of Radish

3D visualization of Radish

There is always a Carrot in a family

 A plant of a character Carrot was generated procedurally, i.e. using scripts written by the programmer, so the character went to the animation  as a bare model.

The Production Managment of TVC is implemented by Shotgun Studio – an american programm which allows to schedule tasks in detail and monitor the progress by the producer and supervisor.
Asymmetric VFX Studio team:
Animation director: Victor Luckysov
Producer: Inga Aslambekova
Supervisor: Vladimir Safronov
Art: Svetlana Andreeva
Animation: Vladimir Iustinov, Andrei Skoblyanov, Vitaliy Shubin
Render: Aleksey Salenkov, Rostislav Uzunov
Compos: Vladimir Safronov, Anna Yakovleva, Anna Silakova, Vladimir Kozhekin
Programmer: Aleksey Bocharov
Assistant producer: Tatiana Melanina